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Argentine Singles Chart of 2001

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Position Title / Artist
1 "Besame" Los Autenticos Decadentes  
2 "Irresponsable bounce" Memphis  
3 "Te quiero comer la boca" La Mosca Tse Tse  
4 "Azul" Cristian  
5 "Pero me acuerdo de ti" Christina Aguilera  
6 "Spaghetti del rock " Divididos  
7 "The call" Backstreet Boys  
8 "Carnaval toda la vida" Los Fabulosos Cadillacs  
9 "Dame mas (loaded)" Ricky Martin  
10 "Solo tus canciones" Daniela Herrero  
11 "Una noche" Alejandro Sanz & The Corrs  
12 "Arrasando" Thalia  
13 "Thank you" Dido  
14 "Me gustas tu" Manu Chao  
15 "One wild night" Bon Jovi  

"Jaded" Aerosmith

17 "Don`t tell me be the last to know" Britney Spears  
18 "Besame" Ricardo Montaner  
19 "Stan" Eminem  
20 "Pop" 'N SYNC  
Source: Camara Argentina de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas y sus Reproducciones.
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