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"Asereje" Las Ketchup will be the first

August 26, 2002

Las Ketchup are Pilar, Lola, and Lucia Munoz, a singing trio of attractive sisters from Cordoba, Spain. Their single, "Asereje" is a huge summer hit in Spain and across the world, especially in Latin America. "Asereje" has hit the top five in most Spanish-speaking countries, and their album is already platinum in Spain.

The band's weird name comes from their strong musical pedigree. The three sisters are daughters of a famous flamenco guitarist called Tomate. Thus, the name Las Ketchup, and the album title Hijas del Tomate, or "daughters of Tomate."

"Asereje" is a summer song about a summer song. It tells the story of Diego, who likes a popular English tune but doesn't know the words, so he pronounces them as gibberish. It's a novelty song, combined with a "Macarena"-like dance routine that is shown in the video. Hmmm, "Macarena" was also a summer hit in Europe that crossed over to America, it was catchy, the lyrics didn't make much sense. Could "Asereje" be the next "Macarena"? Or, like most European hits, will "Asereje" fizzle in the States? Only time will tell.

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"Asereje" Las Ketchup will be the first

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